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Choosing a Right University

By changyutzu May 06, 2013 415 Words
Choosing a Right University
Choosing a university is a serious life-decision, because a university is a model of the real world and a place to stay for four years. In a university, we can chase for genuine knowledge, expand social networking, and learn about how to interact with people, etc. If we choose the wrong school, we might miss a lot of opportunities to learn and experience. In order to choose the right university, we have three important factors to consider: academic resources, activity resources, and accessibility. Since studying is the first priority for a university student, there is no doubt that we should first consider whether the school contains the academic resources that fit our interest .On one hand, if the students have interests in disciplinary fields, then they should choose a comprehensive university instead of a single field university. On the other hand, for students who have interest in specific field, they should choose the school that is dominant in that particular field. That is to say, to investigate whether the school owns the academic capability of the field that we are curious about is vital. Besides studying, how the students spend their free time is the second important factor to think about. Do the students spend all their spare time fooling around, or play on-line games? Or do they have various opportunities to experience life? In other words, we have to know whether the school offers chances of meaningful experiences for student to explore the world, such as international conferences, enlightened speeches, exchange programs, volunteering works and student clubs, etc. After viewing academic and extracurricular resources provided by the school, we can then take a look at the accessibility of the school. The reason why the accessibility of school need to be considered carefully is because there are still lots of things happen out of the campus. For example, exhibitions, intern, and speeches etc. all take place in the city center. As a result, we need to check whether we have the convenient access to the city center, for having chances to get connection with the real world. Choosing an ideal university is a complicated matter, but follow the factors which mentioned above might help us cross out some unsuitable options. To conclude, first is to know about the academic background of the school, then to see what extracurricular opportunities the school offers, and finally to know whether the access from to the real world is convenient or not.

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