Big vs Small Colleges

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Big vs. Small colleges

For the prospective student, size can be a major factor in choosing the precise college. The size of a college not only suggests a greater student population, it can also affect the learning style and environment of the college. In picking a college, one must consider the kind of environment each college size offers, and if that type of setting is right for him or her. Your own personality and academic goals play a crucial role in choosing a college. Small and big colleges are diverse in that each has its own benefits and drawbacks with their expenses, facilities, and campus life.

Smaller universities, such as community colleges for the most part are cost effective for the financially struggling college students; on the other hand, small private universities are much more expensive. Financial aid usually covers the majority of expenses at the community college level, leaving the student more time to focus on their studies and less time worrying about tuition. However in most cases these campuses may not offer on-campus housing. Paying rent, food and car expenses may be more costly than paying for room and board at a large college level, leaving the student to fend for themselves or forcing them to choose a college close to home.

Smaller colleges offer fewer courses and academic programs, whereas large universities have multiple degree programs. Community colleges offer two-year associates degree programs, but not much beyond that. Smaller colleges have fewer and smaller libraries, professors, school staff, and class sizes.Bigger college campuses have larger classes, which many times employ famous professors who have written books, or become celebrated in academic circles, unfortunately they lecture to hundreds of students at a time, so the one-on-one relationship with the student and professor does not develop like they do at smaller campuses. Smaller classes are designed for more student- teacher interaction, which benefits the...
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