Chocolate Cake

Topics: Baking, Cake, Butter Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Throughout my life I have always enjoyed cooking and baking. When I was little I was always stuck to my grandma and watched every move she made when she was cooking. I watched her so much throughout the years that I almost have everything she bakes or cooks memorized down to every little detail.

I chose the regular chocolate cake because that was one of my grandmas most popular dessert she made. I can remember it like I was there with her right now helping her bake it. First we would go off to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients. You will need: two eggs, ½ cup of vegetable oil or butter, cake mix, cake tester such as a toothpick(optional),chocolate icing(you can choose what kind you like best) chocolate chips, and walnuts(optional). The grocery store was one of my favorite parts of the baking process because at our local grocery store they had “fun size” buggy's for kids that was just my size when I was younger.

After the grocery store run we came back to the kitchen and started getting everything we were going to use and laid them out to make sure they were sanitized and ready for use. For the appliances you will need: a round cake bowl with the middle missing, a glass mixing bowl, a mixer, and a mixing spoon. Warning: Make sure your pans are clean. No one wants to use a dirty pan to cook with.

My grandma, Nana, had her own certain way of doing things. If you have your own way just fill it in as we go. First she preheated the oven to 325 degrees. Next we got her mixing bowl and gathered all the food ingredients and started pouring them into the mixing glass bowl. Mix: cake batter, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil, two eggs, chocolate chips, and walnuts if wanted. Now it time for the mixer. Place the mixer inside the bowl into the ingredients and mix until all the batter is well mix with no bumps of batter in it. Usually it takes maximum of five minutes to get the batter well mixed. After Nana mixed it up well she grabbed her round cake bowl and poured...
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