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The main aim of this chapter is to present the clear idea about the procedure followed in the study. Here I wish to put forward a purpose for which this study has been undertaken, the procedure adopted and all that helped towards data collection to meet the requirement of the study. The study is aimed at knowing the company and entire general activities of the chocolate company. The study was conducted at the environment of Campco. Problem formulation

The research has undertaken the topic “retailer’s perception about Campco chocolates”. This study is mainly concerned with the in play’s research. It includes in Campco ltd, Mangalore. Aim of the study

The main aim of the study is to gain knowledge about marketing to find out the retailers perception, comparing to other branded chocolates, distribution pattern, and service of Campco field service staff.

Scope of the study
The scope of the present study is only to the retailers. The study is a “retailer’s perception about CAMPCO chocolates”. It helps to understand retailer’s perception and also help us to know about the quality, price, promotion and most preference of the chocolates in CAMPCO

Objective of the study
1. To understand about the retailers perception
2. To compare the efficiency of CAMPCO chocolates
3. To analyze the influence of packaging, quality, price and promotion. 4. To measure the problem faced by CAMPCO to market products. 5. To know company’s future plan
6. To analyze the publicity about the CAMPCO products.
7. To find out the customers acceptance of CAMPCO chocolates.
Research Approach
The data was collected with the help of questionnaire which was used as the research instrument. This helped to illicit relevant information from retailers and dealers in Mangalore.

Data process
Both primary and secondary sources have been for the propose of the study. Primary data has been collected by means of questionnaire, interview from retailers in kasargod area. Secondary data has been collected from various books, manuals and records of the company and websites. Research tool

The main research tool which the researcher used was structured questionnaire.

Limitation of the study
* The study was limited only to Campco ltd
* The study was done only for academic purpose
* The sample collected was only from 60 respondents.
* Findings are based on the assumption that the respondents have given true and correct information without having a some of fear or insecurity towards the organization. * Through it ended to be a hundred percent retailer’s survey, some retailers did not take part in the survey and hence it was not possible to conduct their survey.

Research Methodology

The first in a marketing research process is to define the problem chosen for investigation, this step is a very significant one, since it is said “problem well define the next step that is the research design becomes easier”. The research design is the basic framework, which provides guidelines for the rest of the research process. It is a map or a blue print according to which the research is to be conducted. The research design specifies the method for data collection and data analysis. The researcher specifically pinpoints that to carry out the research properly.

* How the data should be collected?
* Which method use for collection of data?
* What sampling plan should be used?

The research has to carefully decide and make a choice from the group of different alternative available to him.

Review of the literature
This study is primarily conducted to find out the retailers perception about Campco chocolates.campco ltd is a cooperative venture and factory is the largest in south Asia. It is one of the most modern chocolate manufacturing plants in the world and is equipped with the most modern machineries.campco ltd produces wide ranges of cocoa...

Bibliography: Books Reoffered
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* Blackwell, Miniord Engel (2006) Consumer Behavior, Thomson South Western
* Mukarjee Janyantee (2006) Management and Organizational Behavior, Excel Books
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