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China Red Wine Market Research

In China, red wine accounts for over 90% of the wine market. So throughout this report, the word “wine” we used refers to red wine.

1. Market information

1.1. Chinese red wine market size

China’s wine consumption has been continuously increasing since the late 1990’s. The per capita consumption of wines rose from 0.19 liters in 1997 to 0.75 liters in 2009, representing a 4 times increase. Nevertheless, compared to France (51 liters), Italy (44 liters), USA (11.5 liters) or even Japan (1.9 liters), China’s per capita wine consumption is still far behind.

(Source: State Statistical Bureau)

Since 1996, the Chinese government has been trying to slow down hard liquor consumption and encourage wine consumption, this through several actions favoring domestic wine production and the bottling of imported bulk wines in China. However, wine still accounts for a small percentage of China’s alcoholic drinks market compared to beer, white spirits (Chinese liquor), and yellow rice wine.

1.2. Red wine market growth

Chinese red wine market growth

China is the world's fastest growing wine consumption market. Consumption level in the world's traditional wine consumer countries have remained flat in the last 10 years, with the Chinese market being an exception. China's wine sales continue to increase, leading to a stampede from global wine producers.

In 2009, China wine production volume was 960 million liters, increasing 27.63% from 2008. The industry revenue was RMB 22.3b, increasing 20.72% from 2008. In 1H2010, China wine production volume reached 500 million liters, up 21.43% yoy.

Research data from British research institute ISWR / DGR showed that by 2010, total global wine consumption will reach 24 billion liters. Among them, Chinese wine consumption will reach 558 million liters.

Chinese import red wine growth

China wine market’s rapid growth pushes the import wine to grow

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