Chinas Paper Queen

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Balanced scorecard Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: August 27, 2011
Cheung Yan: China’s Paper Queen
Case Discussion Questions:
1. What is strategic leadership?
Strategic leadership is the use of strategy in the management of employees or workers. The main goal is to find methods to motivate workers to take interest and initiative in improving and increasing their productive contributions to the company in question. Strategic leadership is a model of management that trains workers to best prepare the company for what’s ahead. Awareness plays a major role in strategic leadership, and so strategic leaders are constantly looking towards the future and analyzing all possibilities in terms of preparation. Other features that these leaders must have are adaptability and growth-orientation; after all these are the individuals who must take responsibility for the actions of the workers with the final goals being to strive towards achieving the best possible results for the respective company. Productivity may be the main goal of strategic leadership, but it doesn’t mean that workers should be taken advantage of to achieve maximum productivity. Workers should be motivated instead, and an environment in which workers can anticipate the company’s needs in relation to their own jobs should be created. Quality is valued over quantity. Strategic management realizes that workers must be respected and motivated in ways that do not compromise their dignity, but at the same time try to increase productivity as much as possible. 2. What would constitute key strategic leadership actions? What are the key elements of a “Balanced Scorecard”? Strategic leadership involves managing through other, managing all the functions of a company, and also continuously coping and adapting to the demands and changes of an ever transforming market. Strategic leaders must know how to effectively influence human behavior, even in uncertain environments. Managing human capital is one of the most important factors of strategic leadership action; leaders must...
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