Chilean Workers

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Chilean Workers
Gregory Payne
October 20, 2011
Eric Graves

Chilean Workers
The devastating news of the 30 Chilean workers trapped in a collapsed copper mine, had majority of the world waiting with anticipation as to what is going to be the outcome of these fine young men, risking their lives for their country in order to provide for their family. One can’t help to wonder what is going on in these gentlemen minds, knowing that they are trapped 300 meters below surface with limited food, water and supplies. Not only what are they thinking, but more so the families of the individuals that are trapped. To take it a little farther, what is going on in the employer’s mind, knowing that he or she has employees trapped inside a copper mine. What is the next plan of action at this point? That is the question that the employer and the family members should be asking. Communication should be the next agenda on the employer’s mind, as to what he must communicate to the public, as well as to the family members of the victims. More than likely the public is going to have questions, and without a shadow of a doubt, the family members will have plenty of questions. With this in mind, some potential considerations to take into account when communicating to the public and family members are accurate information, explanation as to why this happened, what are the plans for recovering the people? Ask questions about special attention family members have in regard to this unfortunate mishap. Questions should be guided towards any spouse that may be pregnant and due soon, medical conditions, followed by counseling for family members. We will now look at each consideration entirely. Potential considerations to remember given the different roles of the audience When addressing the public with critical information, it is always best that you have accurate information. Know that you are not a going to get every detailed scoped of the events at first, but as they...
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