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Workers trapped after Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
Francine Dowdy
Aug 14, 2014
Feinaldo Fernandez
Workers trapped after Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
October 13, 2010, thirty three miners who were trapped underground for more than two months were rescued after a rescue team success that impressed the world. After about 22 hours the miners had to travel through a narrow shaft that was designed for the rescue. The miners hoped to sell their story and file a lawsuit against the mining company. August 15, 2010 the miners became trapped. For 17 days there was no word of their fate. Finally they were able to send a message that they were alive. The miners used a modified telephone to sing Chile’s national anthem to thousands of people waiting above. The families of the trapped miner workers and their employees needed to be assured that all measures were being taken to secure and save the lives of the trapped miners. The employees of the minors were informed that the miners were trapped about 300 meters without food, water and no oxygen. In the days following, there was a second collapse. (Weik, 2010). Families of the victims and the employees were frantically waiting and in need of answers. The message as it was delivered to the families, friends and employees had to be delivered in a very calm manner. Information given had to be very thought, detailed, and very accurate. ‘Liliana Ramirez, the wife of one of the oldest miners trapped, said she had faith they were still alive. She also stated, she knew her husband would not let his fellow workers perish.” (Hughes, 2010) Loved ones were soon able to send inspirational, and deep down heart felt message to the miners through probe that had trapped the miners. Miners were able to communicate back and let everyone know how they were coping, how they were managing, and how well they were getting along with one another. They were very dependent on each other for strength , through this time on...
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