Children: The Special Population

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Running Title Head: Special Populations

Children: The Special Population
Mandy Stratmann
July 11, 2007

Special Populations
For the population that I have reviewed would be the population of children. I have also looked into people with mental illnesses, but for some reason I keep coming back to the children. They are our future so we all have to do something to help them along their journey of life. May it be helping them with having health insurance, a good education, and food on the table, or just being there for them. The possibilities are endless, but the children need us. I selected the population of children because of watching a program on the television about children needing to be adopted, support by others to have food and water. This just got me rolling to find out more information about the population of children and to find out what many children are missing. There are a few big issues that many children are not receiving and this is a major role to them, which is to be healthy. Insurance is a large thing that many families cannot afford; so many children are going with out medical attention at times. Also with health issues, many children out there are not getting the education that is needed. Of course, many children are being raised by single families or even by other family members, so it does take a toll on many children. As for coming to the field and what I would bring to help these families, I would want to have a direct contact with these families to help them understand the information that is out there. Many states and organizations out there use the approach to using schools, churches, businesses or other organizations to get the information out on flyers or presentations. Also I would use the approach such as holding a health fair with in a community. This way every family that is in the community will have the chance to come to the health fair, learn vital information about the different types of insurance that is out there...
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