Nutrition and Form Question1 Marks

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Final Exam - Attempt 1
Top of Form
Marks: 1
A goiter occurs as a result of deficiency of:
Choose one answer.

a. magnesium

b. iodine

c. selenium

d. chromium

Marks: 1
Ingredients on a food label are listed in descending order by volume. Answer:
Marks: 1
The energy that we use to digest food and to absorb, metabolize, and store the nutrients from food is called diet-induced thermogenesis. Answer:
Marks: 1
Which group in the U.S. population is at risk for undernutrition? Choose one answer.

a. homeless people

b. children

c. women

d. all of the above

Marks: 1
All of the following foods contain cholesterol except:
Choose one answer.

a. salmon

b. potato chips cooked in partially hydrogenated corn oil

c. boiled egg

d. hamburger cooked on the grill

Marks: 1
The main cause of food insecurity in the United States:
Choose one answer.

a. Limited access to transportation

b. Poverty

c. Lack of education

d. Lack of cooking facilities

Marks: 1
__________is needed in the body to make vitamin D, bile acids, and cortisol. Choose one answer.

a. Cholesterol

b. Triglyceride

c. Phospholipid

d. Lipase

Marks: 1
The symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include gums that swell and bleed. Why does this occur? Choose one answer.

a. Lack of vitamin C allows bacteria in the mouth to irritate the gums

b. Lack of vitamin C decreases the pH of the mouth

c. There is reduced collagen synthesis

d. There is increased plaque formation around the gums

Marks: 1
The rise in blood glucose levels after eating stimulates the pancreas to secrete the hormone ___, causing blood glucose levels to ____. Choose one answer.

a. insulin, drop

b. insulin, rise

c. glucagon, drop

d. glucagon, rise

Marks: 1
Vitamin E protects membranes in red blood cells, white blood cells, nerve cells, and lung cells. Why are these cells in particular in need of high amounts of vitamin E? Choose one answer.

a. All of these cells are important in fighting infections

b. Oxygen concentrations in these cells are high

c. These cells have an especially high energy need

d. Lipid concentrations in these cells are high

Marks: 1
The smallest units of life:
Choose one answer.

a. organs

b. atoms

c. tissues

d. cells

Marks: 1
Which one of the following statements about children with kwashiokor is false? Choose one answer.

a. fat stores are depleated

b. more susceptible to infections than healthy children

c. have swollen bellies

d. have hair color changes

e. do not grow well

Marks: 1
A fit person will have a higher percentage of lean tissue than an unfit person of the same body weight. Answer:
Marks: 1
HACCP is designed to:
Choose one answer.

a. Prevent contamination

b. Catch contamination after it has occurred

c. Clean up contamination after it has occurred

d. Alert the public to prevent further food borne illness when it has occurred

Marks: 1
Body system that is strengthened by aerobic exercise:
Choose one answer.

a. Cardiovascular

b. Respiratory

c. Cardiovascular and respiratory

Marks: 1
Water is the best fluid choice for Cyndie during exercise because she typically rides her bicycle for 75 minutes during an exercise session. Answer:
Marks: 1
The majority of food borne illnesses occurs from consuming food that is contaminated by: Choose one answer.

a. Insects

b. Toxic chemicals

c. Micro-organisms

d. Fecal matter from rodents

Marks: 1
For some of the amino acids that our body needs, we must get them from dietary sources because the body cannot make them in sufficient...
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