Children and National Integration

Topics: India, Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Pages: 5 (1405 words) Published: September 1, 2013
School plays a very important role in fostering national integration in the following ways: (a) Children from different communities interact with each other in a school. (b) Celebration of national days and festivals promotes national integration. Also, the study of the historical past and the National Movement promote the idea of unity within diversity. (c) Organising programmes on all-India basis, where children from different parts of the country can meet each other, fosters national integration. (d) The NCC cadets in a school get an opportunity to meet other cadets from other parts of the country and become aware of each others' cultures. Mahatma Gandhi had once said, "We have to produce a society of those people who profess different religions, but they live like brothers." In fact, this statement of Gandhiji has the essence of national integration in India. India is a vast country with a number of differences in food, clothing, languages, even in her different New Years in different communities. Besides, India has seen the mixture of various races, cultures, traditions etc. Again, there are those who are vegetarians and those who are non-vegetarians. Through all these diversities and differences there runs the invisible link of common culture, common civility, common heritage, the same form of greeting one another, the same form of respect shown to elders as well as there are common Vedas, the Bhagwad Gita, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the festivals, National symbols and finally the struggle for Independence that united the whole mass of Indian people. Thus, national integration means a feeling of oneness among the entire Indians. All our countrymen must feel emotionally integrated. We must think that we are Indians first and members of a particular religion afterwards. Whenever India has been attacked by a foreign country, it has stood as one man to meet the crisis. National integration is essential for social peace and armony too. The safety and prosperity of our country depends upon our unity. Our states are like parts of our body prosperity o different states means the progress of the whole country. The most important for us as Indians is our national feelings, because only this feeling can develop a peace-based- society, the need of the hour. India is unfortunate to some extent as she has seen many communal riots. The Godhra Carnage which took place in Gujarat is the recent example. It took many innocent lives. Such incidents are a blot on the fair name of our country. It is a matter of shame and sorrow that Hindus and Muslims, inspite of living together in the same society, hate each other to this extent. The feeling of hatred must be replaced by love and affection. All Indians must consider one another as brothers and live peacefully. We need national integration on permanent footing. This can be achieved when we enlighten our children. All the children, during their formative years, must be taught that we all are Indians belonging to the one Motherland. We must not believe in separate identities. It is the time to merge in one main stream. Unless we develop a sense of unity and leave our narrow outlook, we might loose our independence. Education is of great significance for bringing out about National and emotional integration. It is a strong weapons which can be used effectively for achieving our national understanding. Some of the ways And means to promote National Integration are as under :- 1) National Policy of Education

The policy should have the uniform pattern from primary to university level throughout the length and the breadth of the country. The following things should be implemented :-

a) Admissions
Students should be admitted in the institutions on the basis of intelligence and ability.

b) Scholarship
It should be given on the basis of their ability and financial position and not on the basis of caste, religion or community.

c) Migration
Domiciliary restrictions in regard to...
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