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Children Should Grow Up in Big Cities Rather Than in the Countryside

By YumiJae Oct 28, 2008 659 Words
The issue of whether the children should grow up in the countryside or in the big city has been widely debated in our community recently. It is an important issue because it concerns the development of our future generation – our children. There are several views on this issue; some say that it would best for children to live in safe and clean environment in the countryside while others argue that children should be exposed to more interaction to modern amenities in the city. However, in my opinion, I think it would be better for children to grow up in the big city rather than the countryside. This essay will consider arguments and put forward reasons to support my view.

One of the main reasons why children should grow up in the city is because of the suitable growing environment for the children provided in the city. Growing in an environment where there is a social proximity and cultural richness allows children to meet people of different races, cultures and backgrounds. This will not only help children in learning more about people, but also to improve their communication skills as well. This way, these children will grow up to be good speakers who will face no problems in terms of communication in the near future.

Besides that, the fact that the city offers better education and career opportunities suggests that growing up in the city is a much better option compared to the countryside. The children who grow up in the big cities have a better choice for education because there are more schools, colleges and universities in big cities than the countryside. These schools offer more experienced and knowledgeable teachers or lecturers, and more advanced education systems as compared with those in the countryside. This benefits the children because through these exclusive features, they are exposed to a wider range of knowledge. Armed with better education background, children whom have grown up in the cities are equipped with better capabilities and skills for to seek better career options with a higher salary than the children in the countryside.

Transportation systems also play a significant role in contributing as a reason to why children should grow up in big cities. Transportation systems which include buses, taxis, LRT and KTM services, etc. help children who are also students to connect to several services such as the hospitals, the filling stations, the cinemas, the restaurants and the department stores. For example, if they wish to go to the public library but can’t because it is either too far or their parents aren’t able to fetch them, they still can with the help of the convenient transportation systems. On the other hand, the countryside only provides its community limited forms of transport. So, if the people in the countryside want to connect to such services, they will have to travel long distances. Transportation in the countryside is also less efficient and takes a longer time to reach the desired destination which explains why most of time people would rather walk to their destinations than wait to take a bus. Moreover, with the presence of these transportations provided in the city, children can also participate in more extra curricular activities which I strongly believe would enhance the a child’s development.

Based on the above reasons, it is evident that children will gain more benefits growing up in the city than in the countryside. Growing up in the city provide a valuable learning environment that young children need and at the same time, draw out a better path for them to pursue a brighter future. Parents carry the responsibility of making the right decisions for their child because if they fail to provide best living environment for their child to grow, they will be sacrificing their child’s present and future. Hence, parents should consider carefully to make the right decision and allow their children to be educated in the city.

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