Children During The Holocaust

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Children of the Holocaust The Holocaust was a terrible genocide in which Adolf Hitler and his army of Nazis killed millions of the Jewish community and others that they believed to be inferior to themselves. Jews were sent to concentration camps and killing camps because of their race. This slaughtering of innocent people lasted from 1933 to 1945. Among these deaths, some of the worst were those of children.
Those Killed
During the Holocaust, over 1.2 million Jewish children were killed. There were also tens of thousands of gypsy and Polish children who were murdered. German children with mental and physical disabilities were also a part of this group. Children who resided in the occupied Soviet Union would also be killed. Jewish families were run out of their homes, schools, and shops. Jews were expelled from German schools and forced to go to all Jewish schools. Their once friends were now prejudice against them. Terrible things were done to innocent children for something that they could not
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Children who were separated from their families are in their fifties and sixties, just finding out that they are Jewish. These children were lucky enough to escape death camp deportation, but were so young that some forgot their own names and real identities. Children found a safe haven in these non-Jewish families and most stayed with their adoptive parents after the war was over. Today, we have organizations where survivors come together to reflect on the events of the Holocaust. The National Hidden Child Organization and the World Federation of Child Survivors help are just two of these organizations that help people to get a better view of the terrible events that took place. They show how others were brave enough to share their stories and help people today understand happened during the Holocaust. (The International Institute for Holocaust Research p. 7-11

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