Childhood Memory

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Favorite Childhood Memory
Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of the day I would turn fifteen. So I could have my Quinceñera. Wearing a big elegant dress, dancing on a beautiful hard wood floor, in a building that looked like a castle. Dancing the last song with my father and having him take off my little ballet shoes and put my heels on representing I was no longer a child but a woman was all I could think about. Having him give me my last doll meant everything!

Like Cinderella my dream came true. That summer I left to Delicias Chihuahua, Mexico with my mom and siblings. Where we begun the preparation for my Quinceñera. I spent long days practicing my dances, helping make decorations, and handing out invitations.

On June 28th the most magical night and unforgettable childhood memory took place. It was a sunny day outside. My mother and grandmother had been preparing the food for the reception, helping me with my hair, putting on the dress, and decorating the horse carriage that was taking me to church. As I stepped outside of my great-grandmothers house cameras were Then I and my family headed to the church. Where they held a reception for me and I thanked god for making me the young women that I was. Then we took more pictures with family and friends, and walked across the city announcing the event with loud music following. Then arrived in one of the most beautiful buildings where my reception was being held and stood outside until all family and friends had gone in so I could come in and be introduced. Later that night my grandfather changed my shoes and gave me my last doll representing I was no longer a little girl but had transformed into a beautiful young woman.
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