My Quinceanera

Topics: English-language films, Dress, Prom Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Anakaren Cantu September 25,2010

“My Quinceanera”
A memory that will always remain vivid in my life is my quinceañera. Since I was small, I dreamed with having the most beautiful dress and an awesome party. My family would always tell me how important turning fifteen is and having a quinceañera to celebrate that turning point because it’s an initiation of responsibility, thus a big step in my life. Turning fifteen meant that I had to start helping in house chores, make my decisions cautiously, and become more independent. With this in mind, I had to prepare myself physically and mentally for my big day. When I turned fourteen, I had a long talk with my parents about my big day only being a year away and how we needed to start with all of the preparations. The first thing I look for was my dress. In my vision, it was the most beautiful, shiny, and spongy dress. I wanted to be a princess for a day. One day after school my older sister, Carolina, had a magazine with prom dresses in it. Since she was a senior, she was on the looking for a dress too. As we saw the magazine, we found a lot of pretty dresses and told my mom to take us shopping, so that Carolina could try some on. As we arrived to the store "Glitz and Glamour", we found out they sold quinceañera dresses as well. My mom asked the employee to bring us some quinceañera dress magazines, while Caro and I watched the magazines for prom dresses. Suddenly, I stumbled upon a beautiful, green, shiny dress. It was perfect. As soon as I saw it, I said, "Mom, I want this dress for my quinceañera." We told the lady that I wanted the dress and she explained that it was available in pink and green. Since I had fallen in love with the color, I told my mom I wanted it in green, but since the tradition is pink, it was obvious that my mom was going to say no. I disagreed with my mom and ordered it green. The lady told us that my dress would arrive in four days. I was...
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