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Childhood Memories

By Parvez21 Feb 11, 2014 1742 Words

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Essay on A Childhood Memories
I forced the door open and was blinded by sunlight and choked from all of the dust that had settled in the room. As I entered, the wooden floors slightly give way. Rusty nails poked out of the floorboards and old water stains have made designs on the walls. Woods were really rusty and at any given day this house would collapse. There was reading table against the wall and top of it there were some seashells setting. Most of the drawing on the wall were washed away but some are still there but fading. There was a closet at the right hand corner of the room. I opened the closet and there was a small plastic box at the corner of the closet. As I washed the dust away, the name Partha start to become clear. I open the box and all the seashells were still there way I left it. Looks and furniture of this room has changed but memories are still trapped into this room. Big part of that is memories involved Radi. My childhood consist of ocean and Radi. I really don't remember that much about my childhood. I grew up in a city called Citagong in Bangladesh. It wasn't a big city. There were no shopping malls or college. There was couple of elementary and high school. Most people who lived in there didn't have money to send their children to school. Whole city grew because of Koxibazar Beach and lots of people from different parts of country used to come there to visit. Most people who lived in that city some how their lives depended on the ocean. Majority of people were either fisherman or works in travel agency or at the shops around the beach. My parent born and grew up in that city. They used to work in a travel agency and never had too much time for me. From the day I got my sense there was this women who used to take care of me. Her real name was Radika but people used to call her Radi and that's what I used to call. Even though she was much older than me, I always called her by her first name and she never got angry or yelled at me because of that. She would be about forty years old by now and most beautiful and nicest women I ever met. She was really tall and had dark skin. Whenever she used to come to my room, she had duck her neck down little bid because ceiling of my room was little bid lower than other room. Otherwise she would bang her head in the ceiling. Lot of time she would get up and forget to duck her neck and bang her head with the ceiling and I would burst into laugh. She had very soft and low voice. A lot of time she would be shouting to you but you would feel that she is talking normally. The most amusing part about her was the fact that she had great understanding of people and their nature like some kind of magic. She could talk to somebody and make him or her believe in something that they never believed in before. She always had reason behind things that she did. She had beautiful green eyes. Lot of old people thinks that reason why all the bad things happened to her is because of her eyes and she was a bad luck. There were few people in the whole country that had green eyes and they were considered bad luck. She always had a smile on her face that can light up the sky. I really don't know that much about her past. All I know is that her parents died when she was really young. She got married to a fisherman. One day after seven months of marriage, her husbend's boat sank in the middle of the ocean and he died. Since then she was living with us. At the beginning she used to cook and take care of our house. But after I was born, her main job was to take care of me. She used to love ocean and the sunset. The beach was half a minute walk from my house, so almost everyday Radi and me used to go beach in the afternoon to play. She used to sit one place and stair at the huge waves that were crashing on the shore and

My greatest childhood fear
Why do people have fears? Why do we let fears control our lives? I never thought I would ever get over my own fears. These fears made my childhood very difficult and hard to deal with. However for me as a young child, I was afraid of dogs, leaves, and the darkness. Being afraid of dogs was one of my biggest fears. One day I was walking down the street from school and I felt like I had walked upon one of the biggest dogs I had ever seen. The dog stood behind a gate taller than I. It looked at me standing there nerves and shaking. As I look at his sharp teeth and him foaming at the mouth as if I was a full course meal. As he started to bark I felt something warm run down my leg. Every time a dog would bark at me I get scared. Another big fear of mine was a fear of leaves. Being afraid of leaves was not just my worst fear as a child, but it was a fear that I felt like I would not get over. The way colors changed doing the fall made me want to throw up all over the ground. I use to think that if a leaf would touch me it would make me bleed to death because the edges looked so sharp. I could just image myself getting rid of all the leaves all over the world. As I got older, my parents told me to look down whenever I was surrounded by leaves and jump up and down and crash them all. And it would be just like killing them. It took me a long time to get over my fear but it worked.

I am also afraid of the dark. I could not sleep in my room without leaving the light on. When I went to sleep in the dark, I started to imagine things like monsters and other things that would scare me. To me a monster was something that would eat you alive and not care. I was afraid that it would write my parents a note with my blood on the wall, and tell them that it took me. I hated being all alone in the dark; it made me afraid to sleep in my room. I would run and get in the bed with my parents because I felt safer there. When I walked by myself in the dark, I started to think that someone might try to kill me or kidnap me. To conclude my essay on my childhood fear I could not just talk about one. I had three that just affected my childhood dramatically. That was dogs, leaves, and the darkness. Dogs terrified me because of the way they looked at me with their long sharp teeth and their horrifying bark. Leaves scared me with that icky green and sometimes brown color. And last but not least t...

It was my grandma’s birthday and every year we planned to celebrate this day in a very special way ; it was kind of our family tradition. There was lots of fun, excitements, and special and delicious foods. Among all of those, one was not fun at all,and it stil makes me sad when I remember it. It is one of the most memorable incident of my childhood . All of my uncles, aunts and cousins were already there waiting for us at Chittagong, Bangladesh which was almost four hundred miles away from where we started. The night before we got there I couldn’t sleep well. I was nine years old that time, and dreamed all night about the fun and exciting things I was going to do with all my cousins and family. We woke up early in the morning and I couldn’t wait to go . I was just counting the hours to reach there. Me, along with my younger brother John ,mom and dad were going to my grandma’s house. John was 1.5 years old and just started walking a couple months before that. I loved him and he was my only friend at home, whatever I used to do or play he was always beside me, and I wanted to share everything with him. So all the way, I told him what we were going to do and when we’ll be there. “Can you please for few moments?” My mom raised her voice. “ You are bothering him too much , its his nap time, leave him alone” she said again. I was little upset about the way she told me , but realized that he was not understanding at all what I was trying to share with him. He was just giggling at whatever I was saying to him. Finally, we were at our destination, and as soon as we were there all of our cousins ran to our car, I couldn’t decide whom to give a hug first; they almost jumped on me. We were the only one going to the party from so far distance, all others were living close to my grandma’s house them, so we didn’t use to get enough chances to meet them frequently. My grandma’s house was kind of an ancient one. It was a brick building, which had three floors, and located at the junction between two streets, so we were always warned to be careful while playing outside in the driveway .It had few balconies where the railings were not too high, may be three feet, and there were some circle holes there, in which any kid can climb very easily.

We all were having so much fun, and even my dad didn’t look like he drove for ten hours. I was s...

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