Slavery and Daily Life

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Africa Pages: 6 (1606 words) Published: August 27, 2014
Introduction of Character & Background Life

My name is Akikkii Chi and at the time I was 16 years old. I was born (and lived) in Nigeria and spoke Afro-asiatic and knew no English. I lived in a village with my mother, father and younger brother who were at the time 14 years old. My village was quite small, it was a place where everybody knew each other’s names and everybody enjoyed each other company. As far as I was concerned we were all very happy and lived nice lives. I was always so open-minded and outgoing and I was never ever scared of anything or anybody, although my brother was very opposite of me. For he was very shy and always very timid. He never had many friends (mainly because he we was too shy to talk to anybody). Life was nice in Africa I had lots of close friends. I helped my mother make jewelry and pick the cropped and prepare food, while my father taught my brother how to hunt and gather to provide for the family. Life in Africa was everything anybody would expect it to h=be like in the 1800s. There were no schools; women didn’t have the same right as men, things like that. This was normal for the 1800s we lived fulfilling lives. I never wanted to leave Africa. That was my home and I had intended that it stayed my home until the day I died. Things don’t always go as planned. Unfortunately my plans were scattered when something traumatic happened.

Journey to America

To me life really could not have been any better. On one regular morning something so odd and terrifying happened. White men who spoke and odd language that I could not understand kidnapped my entire village. They chained us together and took us to this huge boat and crammed all of us Africans into I very small space. We didn’t know what was happening, where we were going, or if we were going to die. I had been separated from my family, I felt so alone and scared; something I had never really felt before. I don’t know how long we were on that boat. In the small place we were all staying there was no sunlight, we could not tell what time it was or how long it had been. The only time we ever saw sunlight was about every 4 days or so (it was hard to tell with no sense of time) was to unload or dead. They feed us little food that was disgusting and horrifying. Many of the people had refused to eat because they thought that dying would we better than the circumstance that they were in now. Unfortunately the white men force-fed the ones who had refused to they begging of the trip they was about 400 Africans that were loaded onto the boat and not even half way through the journey to where ever it was that we were going there were only about 200 Africans left. I had not seen my family sense the day my village was kidnapped. I didn’t not know if they we dead or alive or ill…I had no idea. All that was on my mind was getting off the boat. I Journey to America

could not think of anything else even if I wanted to. I hated where I was. I hated the feeling of being lost and confused and scared. Not knowing what was going to happen next. It felt as if we had been on the boat for years, but in reality it had only been a couple weeks. My head was scrambled I had never seen anyone die and at this point I had seen far too many deaths from illness and starvation. When the white men knew they didn’t have enough supplies to take care of themselves for the rest of the journey they had to kill more Africans. What they did was chain 25 Africans together and pushed them off the boat. At the time I didn’t know why they did that. Why would they kidnap us just to kill us? All I did know that what they were doing was wrong. There was nothing anybody could do to stop them. If you tried they would kill you. Those couples of weeks were by far the most miserable horrifying weeks of my life. I wish I could just forget about them completely, but they are embedded in my memory forever. I will never forget that happened on that boat.

Arrival in...
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