Child Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Developmental psychology, Mind Pages: 1 (1956 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Psychology studies the behaviour and the human mind, the research that is done within psychology is to understand and explain the behaviour, emotions and thoughts. The study that I am going to discuss is child psychology and its behaviour and its impact on society and its individuals. Child psychology is one of the main areas that is often quite chosen and studied in depth. When doing child psychology the main focus is on the child’s behaviour and its mind and the way it develops through its age. In child psychology we don’t only deal with the child’s growth but we also focus on their social, emotional and their mental development. ""-psychology.htm Technically children were known to be minor model of adults, a psychologist researcher ‘Jean Piaget’ came up with an explanation claiming that small children have a different understanding to adults. A famous theoretical physicist known as ‘Albert Einstein’ identified the theory that ‘Jean Piaget’ had come up with was, ‘so simple that only a genius could have thought of it’ I agree with this however I also believe that the way adults behave in front of their children could also cause their child to behave exactly the same, i.e. swearing or foul action towards another human being, this is where psychology takes part in the child’s mind, and begins to evolve around it very quickly and give the child the thinking and belief that it should do the same as his parents. However they could have a different understanding to their parents by doing the opposite, for example a child would hear and see things and do them the opposite way resulting in harm or maybe severe damage to themselves and think it is right. Psychologists have found out today that child psychology is quite dense and also very rare. But however it may be different to when it comes to the term of child...
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