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How did Chevron Applied eBusiness Technology to Distribute Material Safety Information.?

Chevron Corporation and American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) (Nasdaq: AMSY) have announced that they have successfully implemented an integrated information technology solution that enables Chevron's North American downstream operations to better serve their customers through more efficient distribution of material safety information. The solution, part of Chevron's MSDS 2000 hazard communication system, is a flexible eBusiness solution for the distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), providing Chevron customers with choices for paper or electronic delivery of MSDSs to accompany their product purchases. This solution minimizes the time required to distribute product safety information, and has saved Chevron a substantial amount of money in its short time of operation. 

Chevron's MSDS 2000 system is based upon ProSteward(TM), a best-of-breed Hazard Communication System that was jointly developed by AMS and Shell Oil Company, and selected by Chevron to address their global hazard communication requirements. The first phase of Chevron's MSDS 2000 implementation has focused on the deployment of the ProSteward(TM) Distribution Module to automate MSDS distribution to Chevron customers. This deployment was piloted during the second half of 1999, and has been successfully rolled out to the remainder of the Chevron's North American operations during January, 2000. 

"Our management team directed us to provide a seamless implementation of the system with minimal impact on Chevron operations and business users," said Chevron Chemical's Product Compliance manager, Dr. Peter Stonebraker who championed the MSDS 2000 project. "AMS provided us with a rock-solid system that has allowed us to more than meet that challenge. Despite the complexities of integrating the ProSteward(TM) MSDS distribution software with three distinct Chevron sales and order entry systems, we...
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