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7. CASE :
Question 1.
The virtual project problems are unique to the phenomenon of being dispersed. For example, the using of electronic communications can improve the convenience of the virtual project. Team members who are located in different place are be able to have a clear communication and work with the detail plan by using the electronic communications.

To have a good basic knowledge which can across every project is a common project problem. It is clear that face to face communications are easy to build the common basic knowledge. However, managers have less and less time and cost to have a meeting in person. Thus, the technologies of virtual project can develop a effective team.

Question 2.
There are many electronic technologies can deal with the problem and solutions for virtual project teams. For example, Email, faxes, Google document, Google insights and Google trends. Google document can share and edit the document by different people at the same time. Google calendar is a public table to show different department or team member the same schedule which can push them done their work on time.

Question 3.
 Developing group identity, relationship, and trust, sharing information, and developing a standard structures and policies are the solutions to deal with virtual team problems. Moreover, to formation of "Cliques" or Informal Subgroups, and to build a same gold and target also an important element to handle the problem.

Question 4.
1. Irregular, inconsistent communication; lower level of comfort and familiarity among team members; "us vs. them" attitude. 2. Experiences are fewer shared; lack of cohesion; little understanding of other members' roles and responsibilities. 3. Difficulty sharing adequate levels of information across distances, lack of formal opportunities to discuss work-related issues; lack of a common system to transmit information across distances. 4....
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