Chemistry Related Studies

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2.1.4 Related Systems
CHEMATIX Inventory Management System (CIMS) is a chemical inventory management system and tracking software developed by SIVCO Incorporated for the University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF). CHEMATIX Inventory Management System (CIMS) allows the users the view of chemical tracking and the ability to manage various aspects of warehouse and laboratory inventory of both chemical and non-chemical items. A multitude of user-configurable reports and views can be generated to specific location inventories, hazardous chemical counts, historical profiles, etc. A Chemical Abstract Database (CAD) is used to store detailed information about every substance in the system. This detail provides the foundation for regulatory compliance, environmental safety, and inventory, research and budget control. All substances are tracked via scanning (or manual entry) of barcodes attached to each item upon acceptance into the system at point of entry. Storage locations including warehouses, laboratories, and specific shelves are also assigned barcodes and associated with a chemical inventory. A complete history of each bar coded item is maintained from point of entry to elimination as waste. (“University of Georgia Research Foundation”, 2005) The department of chemistry in the University of the West Indies uses an inventory management system to manage and maintain its inventory of chemicals and related products. The system also implements workflow and the ability to assign specialized tasks. Managers are able to approve or revoke orders online, and these are reflected immediately to the storeroom personnel, who process orders in a timely manner. The system also includes a mechanism to solicit feedback from users, which is used to make any improvements to the system as well as tracking chemical disbursement and raising flags to indicate when stock needs to be replenished. Finally, the system provides detailed reports such as reorder reports, inventory...
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