Chemistry in Vestigatory Project

Topics: Rayon, Cellulose, Viscose Pages: 3 (543 words) Published: January 13, 2011
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To prepare of Rayon Thread from
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Class : XII ‘B’
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This is to certify that_____________________________ has satisfactorily completed the course of chemistry investigatory project prescribed by CBSE under the AISSCE course in the year of 2010-11.


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I would like to sincerely and profusely thank ____________________ for the valuable guidance, advice and for giving useful suggestions and relevant ideas that facilitate an easy and early completion of this project. I also express my deep gratitude to ______________________ (lab assistant), who had been very helpful and co-operative in providing requirements for my project.



Natural fibres are the chief raw materials for the
preparation of rayon. The term rayon includes all synthetic fibres obtained from Cellulose and are used
commercially in fibre manufacturing. Cellulose can be
converted into Cupra silk, Viscose rayon and acetate
rayon depending upon the mode of treatment it
undergoes while preparing rayon. Among these Viscose
rayon is the most common.
Cellulose is an insoluble material which is first
converted into soluble derivative called Viscose. The
viscose is then forced through fine orifices some reagent
(usually dil. H2SO4 acid) and the resulting thread is kept under tension to form fibres of required tensile strength. Rayon also called artificial silk is used for manufacturing of fabrics like Stockings, Shirts, Sarees etc....
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