Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and operation of industrial chemical plants. I have been interested in chemical engineering at a young age because I have plenty of engineers in my family. I was influenced by my family to go into engineering because I witnessed how much my family worked, and how much it is able to support my family. Becoming an engineer ensures me of a stable job, and I will be financially stable. Chemical engineering is a job that needs a hard worker that is determined; it has a good income, and is a job that I will love.

Chemical engineering needs a hard worker that never just lies around, and let things go on. “Chemical engineering uses the principles of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics”( This career uses chemicals, fuel, drugs, and food. Chemical engineering designs large equipment’s by processing them. The duties for a chemical engineer is: research to find a new development and to improve manufacturing processes, figure out safety procedures for those who work in an environment that has potentially dangerous chemicals, separate components of liquids and gases, design and plan the layout of equipment, d o tests and monitor performance of processes throughout production Troubleshoot problems with manufacturing processes, and many more duties. Chemical engineering is not as safe as it sounds. They either work in a lab or an office. Most of the time is spent in industrial plants, and refineries, etc. Chemical engineering is a good job that needs a hard worker that is determined to do the work; I believe I am fit to become a chemical engineer. I also believe I have the ability to work with others since this job requires working with a team. Not only do I believe I am able to handle the hard work, this career has a great income that will be able to keep myself, and even my family financially stable. It is said that chemical engineering is a career that...
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