Chemical Elements

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Chemical Nomenclature refers to the naming systems used with chemical formulas. This worksheet focuses on the most basic chemicals and nomenclature systems. Please read the information concerning each problem set and then attempt the problems associated with that information. The simplest compounds contain just two elements. Sodium chloride, NaCl, is an example of a binary compound. Several other examples are listed below.

Potassium bromideKBr
Calcium bromideCaBr2
Lithium fluorideLiF
Lithium oxideLi2O
When naming binary compounds follow these rules: 1. the element with the positive ionic charge is written first. 2. The second word is formed by changing the ending of the name of the element to “ide.” For example, bromine changes to bromide. Metals usually have positive charges while nonmetals (when combined with nonmetals) have negative charges.

Practice Problems
Using the rules given above, name the compounds listed in the next column. 1. MgO____________________
2. BaS____________________
3. K3P____________________
4. Na3N____________________
5. Circle the symbols of the elements that usually have positive charges. KCNNaSr
Some transition metals have no more than one positive charge. Look at the formulas below.
Cu2O copper (I) oxide
CuOcopper (II) oxide
FeCl2iron (II) oxide
FeCl3iron (III) oxide
Note that the roman numerals follow the names of the positive elements. The numerals indicate the oxidation state of the element in the compound.

Practice Problems
Name the following compounds.
6. SnCl4__________________
7. Mn2O3__________________
8. PbS__________________

Nonmetals such as C,N, P, and S exhibit positive oxidation numbers when they combine with an active, highly electronegative nonmetal, such as oxygen. Some nonmetallic elements may also form more than one compound with another nonmetal. The names of these compounds must show the differences between...
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