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Chef Steve Shockey
G&B Oyster bar
Executive Chef

By: Brittany Workinger
Anisha Roberts
Haley Braunstein
Michael Walker

Steve Shockey is from Houston, Texas
Moved to Florida in 1999
When did you decided you wanted to be a chef?
After a 12 year career as a GM for Budweiser in Texas, he decided to pursue a career in the culinary field.
Started a catering business with a friend before attending culinary school. Is this a career you are passionate about or is this just a job to you? Started off because he loved being around food and cooking for people. He is very passionate about his culinary career and loves learning new things about cooking everyday. Do you have a preferred style of cooking?

First enjoyed southwestern style cooking, then moved near the Louisiana border and picked up Cajun stye cooking. After moving to Florida he realized that a certain style was not as important as staying with the current changing trends and meeting customers needs.

Attended The Art institute in Houston, Texas.
Completed the two year culinary program in a year
in a half, at the age of 37.
Do you feel it in necessary for young people looking
to go into this industry to attend culinary school?
Yes, he suggests going to school to get a basic
knowledge of cooking, also to learn the science
behind cooking and the classical techniques.
Also recommends finding a chef to mentor you
and study under.

Opened Christy’s restaurant off Oakland parkway.
Worked as a chef for Max’s Grill for 7 years
Has been with Be Nice company for the last four years. That includes Coconuts, Foxy Browns, G&B Oyster bar, Red Cow.
opening for them, Red Cow a year and a half ago. Also G&B Oyster bar in january 2012.
Feels he is still on his career path and has not yet reached all of his goals. Has plans with the owner of G&B to open up another restaurant in the coming month.
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