Chatsworth the Adventure Plyaground

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Chatsworth House, the home of the 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, is one of the finest and most palatial houses in the UK, set in over 1000 acres of parkland in the Peak England. The original house was built over 400 years ago and rebuilt starting in the seventeenth century. The house is vast, with 175 room lit by over 2000 lights bulbs, and with a roof that covers 1.3 acres. Chatsworth’s many rooms are full of treasure including famous works of art by painters such as Rembrandt, and tapestries, sculpture. Valuable furniture, musical instrument and even 63 antique clocks which need winding every day. The gardens cover over 105 acres with more than five miles of footpaths that guide visitors past fountain, small and large (the largest is 28 meters high), cascades, streams and ponds, all of which are fed by gravity from four large man-made lakes on the moors above the grounds. The gardens are mix of formal and informal areas. There are sculpture, statues, rock gardens, maze and garden views that constantly change with the seasons, all managed and maintained by a small team of 20 gardeners. Both the house and gardens are open from March to December and are just two of the experiences available to visitors. Other include an orangery gift shop, restaurant and farm shop, which are open all year round, and the surrounding park land which is open to visitors for walking, picnics and swimming in the river. The whole estate is owned and managed by an independent charity. Close to the house and gardens


, with a separate admission charge, is the farmyard and adventure playground. The farmyard is a popular attraction for families and provides close encounters with a variety of livestock including pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and fish. The staff provides daily milking demonstrations and animal-handling sessions. The woodland adventure playground is accessed through the farmyard and...
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