Clybourne Park Summary

Topics: A Raisin in the Sun, Sun, Suicide Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: August 27, 2013
* Russ and Bev discuss the origin of Neapolitan ice cream * Bev talks to Karl Lindner
* Jim comes by to talk to Russ about his son
* Albert comes to pick up his wife, the housekeeper, Francine * Karl arrives with his deaf wife, Betsy
* Karl, Russ, and Bev discuss the colored family moving in * Karl and Russ argue about racism in the community (eventually bringing up the suicide note of Russ and Bev’s son Kenneth) ACT 2
* Steve and Lindsey discuss the house with Kevin and Lena * Lena gets aggravated by the fact that no one will listen to what she has to say * Lindsey describes the how the community has changed over time * Lena tells the group about the history of the house and her childhood growing up in it * Lindsey find out about Kenneth’s suicide in the house and is angry that she did not know about it * Dan arrives with buried trunk containing Kenneth’s suicide note; note is left unread

The play takes place in a middle class white neighborhood in Chicago called Clybourne Park. The First Act takes place in 1959, the Second, in 2009. My favorite character in Clybourne Park is Kathy. I find it interesting that Kathy is connected to the family from A Raisin in the Sun. This fact brings the two stories together to mention the character of Mr. Lindner who was in A Raisin in the Sun briefly. My favorite part of the play was the very end when Kenneth is seen in the moments before his death. Before this part, I was a little confused about Russ’ grief and sadness throughout Act 1 and about the letter reading at the end of the first act. This flashback perfectly tied together the entire tale.
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