Charles Spearmans Model of Intelligence

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence, Intelligence quotient Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: September 10, 2007
Unit Four Individual Project
Charles Spearman's model of intelligence and Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory are two of the most widely used theories of intelligence. In order to understand how similar the two theories are we must first understand their differences. These two men differed in opinion on how IQ and intelligence should be measured, and they differed in opinion on what made a person "smart". In order to examine these things they first had to understand the human brain and how it works. They had to examine the human study habits and rituals, along with the human test taking habits. Spearman thought that if all mental tests are mutually related then there is some common factor that causes this. Spearman developed a statistical method called factor analysis that shows that these mutual relations between mental ability tests were the direct result of a common factor among them. Spearman used factor analysis to prove that certain groups of mental ability tests can measure a common mental ability. Charles Spearman's model of intelligence is based on his observation that "All te3sts of mental ability are positively correlated. Spearman discovered that people who score high on IQ or mental ability tests usually score higher on other types of test, and people who score lower on IQ and mental ability tests generally score lower on other mental ability test." ( Spearman believed that two factors affect performance on mental ability tests. One was the general factor or general intelligence this factor focused on the mutual relation of all mental tests. Scores on all of these tests were generally related. The second factor was the specific factor "The specific factor related to whatever unique abilities a particular test required so it differed from test to test." (www.Encarta.msn) Spearman believed that the general factor was much more important than the specific factor. Howard Gardner developed the Multiple intelligence...
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