Characteristics and Tasks of Step Families

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Characteristics and Tasks of Families


Characteristics and Tasks of Step-families
Characteristics of Step-families
Tasks of step-families
Social work implications

Characteristics and Tasks of Step-families
Characteristics of Step-families
There are several characteristics of the step-families. Firstly, the family starts after experiencing several changes and losses. The children may lack maximum time with their parents. Both grownups and children might be introduced to different lifestyles. The children might experience lack of attention from their remarried parents. (Turunen, 2013). Secondly, the children and grownups unite with diverse matrimonial, family, and personal patterns of life. These are experienced where the wife and the husband have contrasting desires. Thirdly, the children and grownups have anticipations from the preceding families. They may be accompanied with their values and procedures of performing tasks to the new families (Turunen, 2013). Fourthly, the relationships between the parents and children attempt to win the relationship of the new couple. Fifthly, there is a biological parent who can persuade the individuals of the family. Sixthly, if the children are in touch with their biological parents, then, these children belong to two families. Lastly, there is minimal lawful connection between the step-children and step-parents (Ashford & Lecroy, 2010). Tasks of Step-families

For a contented family to exist, there are several undertakings that need to be met. To start with, the family should solve the issue of losses and variations. This would help each family member to forget the former circumstances and adapt the current family life (Turunen, 2013). There are strategies to solve this problem: 1. Allowing the induced change to occur steadily. 2. Ensuring that all family members go for that change. 3. Appreciating for...

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