2.1 Describe with Examples the Kinds of Influences That Affect Children and Young People’s Development Including; Background, Health and Environment

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A child development is influenced in many ways such as their background, health and environment. These factors will have an impact on the child’s different areas of development. Background
Children come from all different family environments, cultures and circumstances. Children go through significant family changes such as a family break-up or a new step-family. These can affect a child’s emotional and intellectual development. A child may also change their behaviour, which means there ability to learn is decreased. This can affect their emotional development because they may feel like it is their fault for the break up.
Having a new step-family is a big change for some children, this may affect their emotional development, as they may feel as if there mother/father is replacing each other. The child may also have difficulty bonding with their new family. Some children may be deliberately hostile towards a step-parent as they may feel it is the only outlet for their feelings, and those who do not express their feelings openly may become withdrawn. This can have major effects on their intellectual development, as they may become withdrawn at school and unable to concentrate on learning. Coming from a low income family may have a significant effect on a child’s development. Burnham and Baker state ‘Statistic show that children who come from deprived backgrounds are less likely to thrive and achieve well in school’. Coming from a low income family may affect a child’s intellectual development, as the family may not be able to afford to pay for extra activities such as swimming lessons or dance lessons. This could also have an impact on the child’s physical development. This may affect the way a child is able to respond in certain situations. There communicational development may be affected as they may not have interacted with children their own age before.
Cultural differences may also impact a child development, as they may feel isolated at school. This

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