Topics: Plantation, Family, Hasidic Judaism Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Character Sketch Examples:

"Glory, be! Look whose here." Grandma said, wiping her wrinkled hands on her faded apron. She shuffled slightly as though she were about to step on into the dining room, but before she could make her move, my mother had dashed across the room and was giving her a hug. Dad and I followed sheepishly across the rooom, knowing that the mandatory hug was about to happen. When it was my turn, I could feel the soft, loose flesh of Grandma's sagging arms as she hugged me close and placed a wet smack on my turned cheek. Grandma's lavender-scented perfume obliterated the faint whif of moth balls that permeated Grandma and Grandpa's house. She was a small woman, not much taller than me, much shorter than my mother. She had pure white hair which she always wore up in an old fashioned bun. Here hair was actually quite long. I know because every night she would comb it out, leaning forward and combing the hair from the back of her head down to the floor in long strokes that looked like they tired her sagging arms. Grandma always wore dresses that hung to mid calve, usually buttoned up the front, covered by one of her many faded aprons.

Ficus Owens is a 17-year field hand living on the Powers Plantation in Bucks County Maryland. Ficus is six-feet tall and has dark brown skin, made darker by his days in the sun. He has an open smile and warm eyes, although his eyes are often marked by wariness when the overseer is around. Ficus has a huge scar running the length of his back that he got when the Master took a cane to him when he was seven-years-old. Ficus has three brothers and two sisters. One of his brothers was sold “down south” to work on a cotton plantation to help pay off debts when Master Power’s father died. Working all day in the fields has made Ficus strong and he is able to do the work of three men. He knows that he is valuable to the Master, but is also afraid that he may be sold if things on...
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