Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving Dinner

I relaxed in the living room of my parent’s two-story colonial home watching the football game and playing games with my siblings, the mouth-watering smell of a homemade Thanksgiving dinner fills the air. Every room in the house was intoxicated with this sensationally delicious Thanksgiving aroma. When dinner is called upon, the shuffling footsteps of my famine family can be heard miles from the house. As we all gather around the long rectangular oak wood table, covered in a crème colored cloth, a sudden warm, content feeling is felt. The lighting was dim, but the presence of each other’s faces light up the dining room.

Once grace is said, the feast finally begins. The great table consists of various dishes; Pollock’s do it big. Not one cubic inch of table was left empty. In the center of the table was what we had been drooling over for the past 4 hours, the turkey. The Juicy, tender, perfectly golden browned skin makes this butterball turkey look picture perfect. It was the size of four footballs, an awfully big, bulky, bird. Surrounding the turkey, like the planets orbiting the sun, are the diverse side dishes. Grandma’s finest crunchy green bean casserole, sweet ‘n’ tangy carrot casserole with a crisp corn flake topping, and a heaping mountain of cheesy, creamy, mashed potatoes. The potatoes, a pale-colored mountain of rich, creamy deliciousness, sit next to a sea of boiling gravy. Lastly was the stuffing, which I am not too fond of. Assorted with various items: soft moist bread, chopped meat, hearty vegetables, and different spices.

The rich savory deserts follow up this delicious dinner. Various chocolate covered fruits, two diverse sweet nesses mixed together, providing your taste buds with a mini shock of sugariness. Hand made from scratch, the sour cream raisin pies are always superior. Thick creamy custard studded with raisins on the inside. Topped with egg whites and brown sugar, beaten together to form...
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