Character Analysis

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Character Analysis

In Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps the reader knows from the beginning that the main character, Carissa, can't stand discipline and runs away when authority steps in her way. Nevertheless, she creates friendships with people she thinks she can trust, but only ends up getting hurt by their dishonesty and greediness. Carissa is a rebellious, stubborn, independent child who grows into something amazing after all the dramatic tragedies that took part in her life.

Carissa is rebellious from the start. She transitions from being scared to go to school on the first day, to yelling a few weeks later, “Fuck you”, to a substitute teacher. Not to mention Carissa's hormones are kicking in and she's crushing on this kid Fernando on the football team and, ends up staying out all night just to come home to getting yelled at and getting grounded. Carissa doesn't agree with such punishment so in turn , she ends up running away. The worst of Carissa's deception is her plan on figuring out where's she's going to stay, what she's going to eat, her struggle of fighting to stay alive, and more importantly what the cops have to say about her running away.

As a child Carissa had poor judgment on the real world. When she was on her own, she thought that she was invincible and nothing bad could ever happen to her until, she met Icey. He changed Carissas' life in less than a heart beat. Carissa went from being the boss of herself while being a runaway to being a black mans prostitute at the age of 12. Carissa wasn't in control of her own well-being anymore, Icey was. Carissa merely followed Icey's instructions especially because she despised him so greatly, but she thought that he cared about her because he fed her and bought her things and talked to her ever so sweetly, compared to the other girls.

All of this was stopped when the people Carissa despised ,for busting her every time she ran away, came to her rescue when Icey screwed up by stealing a car....
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