Chapter IV

Topics: Ateneo de Manila University, Society of Jesus, José Rizal Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: May 8, 2015
Chapter IV: Triumphs in Ateneo, 1872-77

Escuela Pia (Charity School) – a school for poor boys in manila which was established by the city government in 1817. It is the First name of Ateneo de Manila. The Ateneo is acquired prestige as an excellent college for boys.

Rizal Enters the Ateneo – June 10, 1872

Father Magin Ferrando – the college registrar when jose entered at the Ateneo municipal. Two reasons why father Magin Ferrando refuse Rizal
1. He was late for registration
2. He was sickly and under sized for his age (11 yrs old). But by the help of the nephew of father Burgos, Manuel Xerez Burgos, Rizal was reluctantly admitted at the Ateneo. - Jose was the first of his family to adopt the surname “Rizal”

Jesuit System of Education – The system given by the Jesuits in the Ateneo was more advance than that of other colleges in that period.  - It trained the character of students by rigid discipline and religious instruction. - It promotes physical culture, fine arts and scientific studies. - Aside from academic courses leading to AB, it offers vocational course in agriculture, commerce and mechanics

Two Groups in Ateneo
1. The Roman Empire – internos (boarders). Their banners colour is red. 2. The Carthaginian Empire – externos (non-boarders). Their banners colour is blue

Each of these empires had its rank:
emperor- the best student in each “empire”
tribune- the second best
decurion- the third best
centurion- the fourth best
standard-bearer- the fifth best

RAYADILLO – official uniform of Ateneo students

Rizal’s First Year in Ateneo (1872-1873) – on his first day of class in the Ateneo June 1872, Rizal first heard mass at the college chapel and prayed fervently to God for guidance and success. Father Jose Bech – Rizal’s first professor in Ateneo whom he described as “tall, thin man, with a body slightly bent forward, a hurried walk, an ascetic face, severe and inspired, small deep-sunken eyes, a sharp nose that was almost...
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