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HIST 17 Ambeth Ocampo S Rizal Articles

By Ahmad4495 Mar 11, 2015 406 Words

LAO, MUHAMMAD O. BSMA – 4 COLUMN # 3, SEAT # 4 HIST 17 MW 1:30-3:00PM GR454MC


1. Looking Back: ‘Rizal the bed spacer’

This article is about the life of Rizal as a student and a bed spacer. The article mentioned how one’s environment outside the classroom can affect one’s performance in class.

2. Looking Back: ‘Draco rizali,’ the winged dragon

The article speaks about the huge correspondence of Rizal. This correspondence includes letters, some items and preserved animals. Rizal’s name is attached to some animal species since some of the specimens were not listed in the scientific catalogues at the time.

3. Looking Back: ‘Rizal report cards’

The article is about the letters sent by Rizal to his sisters. The letter gave detailed notes about the progress of his sisters’ children who were his students in Dapitan.

4. Looking Back: ‘Sour Grapes’

The author mentioned that some books of Rizal were sold for very high prices at auctions. The author gave up collecting books because as a historian, he needed the content than the actual books.

5. Looking Back: ‘Teaching Rizal’

The article is about a law that made the study of the life, works and writings of Jose Rizal compulsory in all schools in the Philippines. The article also mentioned the reasons for such law and how Rizal was made our national hero.

The article that I like most is ‘Rizal the bed spacer’. Jose Rizal was an intelligent man. He was very devoted to his studies. As expected, he attained extraordinary results in his endeavors. But even Jose Rizal, our national hero, whom we looked up for his intelligence was also affected by the place where he lived when he was a student. This serves as an inspiration to us, students. We students lived in different kinds of environment. Lucky are those who have the means to look for a quiet, decent place that is more conducive for learning. Others have to content themselves with what they got or what they can afford. With the advent of technology, we can now study better compared to students before. But technology also brought with it disturbances. So, there are more disturbances now than before. Students should study hard and remain focused on their studies. It is appropriate to remember Rizal every now and then to inspire us and give us hope that with hard work, we can achieve our dreams.

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