Chapter 8 HRM NINA

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Submission Date : 9 June 2015

Case Study 1 :
Appraising Employee at the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoological Society, employs 2600
people, and begin to use new Web-Based appraisal
system that help the manager do the process and
reduce rote work. So when the employee perform well
they will get more benefit from it. The objective of
this system is to establish impartial employee goals
directly linked to the organization’s goals.


Use an employee performance management system

Increase managers’ salary

Employee performance was evaluate at low priority

Has ignore appraisal paperwork sent by Human Resources

Employee performance judge by managers nebulous sense

Doesn’t have pay-for-performance system


Help guide manager through the process and reduces
rote work

First introduce to management team, then next year will
be include employee.

Higher level or lower level employee, all their
performance need to be measured.

Performance appraisal based on two categories : goals
and leadership compentencies.

Halogen’s eAppraisal performance management solution
lets employees record accomplishment in an online
journal that they may share with their manager

Zoological Society’s adoption of a Web-based solution
create another trends that is Internet based appraisal
system from client-server platforms.

Online employee appraisal will give timeliness of feedback
and the efficiency of eliminating paperwork.

Employee give positive feedback because can discuss to set
a goal and increase performance.


Changing technologies suddenly in organization can
disorient an organization that will decrease the
level of good human relationships and can also
cause disloyalty and dissatisfaction amongst the
employees resulting to poor performance. Since
Zoological Socienty of San Diego adopted the new
online employee performance management system
the process become more simple and faster. Also
enable organization to reduce the cost of the
employee performance appraisal, enhance
consistency content and timeline performance
reviews and last but not least, to increase the
ongoing participation of employees and managers
in the process.

Finally, employees have expressed their liking of the
system because they are rated fairly on a consistent


Do you think the San Diego Zoo’s old appraisal system
needed to be changed?

Yes.San Diego Zoo is a renowned tourist destination not
only in the State of California but also from a global
perspective. With approximately 3800 species of animals,
the San Diego Zoo is distinguished from other zoos
because it hosts the giant panda. With such a rich
reputation, there was the dire need for the zoo to overhaul
its old appraisal system. This system was not only
characterized by a high level of inconsistency but also
numerous pitfalls in terms of efectiveness.

2. What do you think are the pros and cons of using a Webbased appraisal system? Pros

Create a channel of open communication among employee

Helps to improve the employee performance considerable

The importance of the feedback


Very expensive

The participation of the immediate superior is limited

Sometimes feedback become personal in nature

3. How do the new appraisal system will afect employees the types of employee who work at the zoo?

It will afect employees in term of earnings. Such a system

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