Chapter 3 – Listo Systems: the Employees’ Impact on the System

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Decision theory Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: June 20, 2013
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Chapter 3 – Listo Systems: The Employees’ Impact on the System

1. What theories and/or studies could be applied here to better understand what is motivating employees at Listo Systems?

Management of Listo system is making a part of decision making process to the employee; they are giving employees of sense of worth. The employees feel that they are valuable or part of the organization. When employees are asked the oppinion they thought that management cares about what they want. It gives them a hihger feeling of self-worth. They think the goal set by themselves they feel easy to achieve it as they are aware about the goal. The factors that make people happy are all related to job content; according to the Fredic Herzberg what makes people unhappy is related to job environment, job content, and the way they are treated. In this case employees are addressed these factors that made them happy. It is clearly mentioned in the case that how and when the work was done: this is way Herzberz theory is applied in this case. When people feel good about their job they are motivated which yield higher productivity. The hygiene part has to do with the environment which in this case could be tied into maintenace part, where people are never completely satistied. Listo system tie all these factors inform being able to set the right environment to affect an individual’s willingness to job satisfaction and motivation affecting individual’s ability. Another theory/study that can be apply in this case is Hawthrone studies because employee are asked the oppinion concerning Listo systems future. They felt they were a part of a cohensive team. The employees felt that company gace attention to their well-being. We can also partially relate this case with Y theroy of Mcgregor. The employees are willing to work and they like the work, ready to take the responsibility which leads the Listo system toward the early success and growth.
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