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Chapter 11

By jouuuush May 16, 2015 694 Words
Which of the following describes the role pastoral societies played in world history before the Mongol Empire?  

d) They introduced new political models that reshaped the states of older civilizations.

a) They preserved the lifestyle of gathering and hunting societies.

c) They created a series of nomadic empires and controlled major trade routes.

b) They spread their polytheistic religions to neighboring civilizations.

Why did pastoral societies emerge only in the Afro-Eurasian world and not in the Americas?  

a) The environments in the Americas were not suitable for pastoral societies.

d) There were no agricultural societies with which to trade in the Americas.

b) The settled societies in the Americas lacked the necessary military prowess.

c) There was a lack of large animals that could be domesticated in the Americas.

A characteristic feature of pastoral societies was their

c) mobility.

d) wealth.

b) stratification.

a) productivity.

Which of the following facilitated the creation of the Mongol Empire?  

a) The territories the Mongols invaded were experiencing internal divisions.

c) Chinggis Khan had a precise blueprint for world conquest.

d) The tribal values and loyalties of the Mongols functioned as a powerful unifying ideology.

b) The technology of the Mongols was superior to that of their adversaries.

Which of the following contributed to Temujin’s rise to power and recognition as Chinggis Khan of the Great Mongol Nation?  

a) The formation of alliances based on kinship ties

c) The incorporation of warriors from defeated tribes into his own forces

b) The support of the clan of his father, who was a powerful chief

d) The defeat of Egyptian forces in Palestine

Which of the following is an example of the Mongol rulers’ policy toward people in the conquered territories?  

d) Conquered people were barred from the military.

b) Conquered people were forced to convert their land into pastureland for Mongol herds.

a) Chinese and Muslim officials were allowed to hold advisory positions in government.

c) A policy of segregation made conquered people a permanent underclass.

In comparison to the Mongol conquests of Persia and China, Mongol rule in Russia  

c) penetrated to the village level.

b) was not accompanied by Mongol occupation.

d) created a mixed race population.

a) did not use local elites to govern.

What aspects of Chinese civilization did Mongol rulers in the Yuan dynasty adopt?  

b) The use of traditional Confucian rituals

d) The practice of footbinding

a) The traditional Chinese examination system

c) The disdain towards merchants

What happened to the Mongols in Persia in the fourteenth century?  

d) The Mongols were made serfs of Persian lords.

b) The Ottoman Empire defeated the Mongols and enslaved them.

c) The Mongols assimilated into Persian society.

a) Rebel forces led by Persian generals drove the Mongols back to their homeland in the steppes.

Which of the following was a long-term effect of the Black Death on European society?  

c) Better relations between landowners and workers

d) A lack of interest in technological innovation

a) Shrinking employment opportunities for women

b) The weakening of serfdom

Which of the following was a way in which the Mongols contributed to the globalization of the Eurasian world?  

d) The Mongol conquest of Vietnam and Japan allowed these two regions to fully integrate into the Eurasian trade networks for the first time.

a) In providing a secure environment for traders, they facilitated long-distance international commerce.

c) Their promotion of Islam as the only true faith in the empire gave the whole empire a shared culture.

b) Their immunity to several deadly diseases allowed them to maintain long-distance trade routes even as agricultural societies along them succumbed to epidemics.

Which of the following is an example of the types of exchanges facilitated by Mongol rule over much of Eurasia?  

d) The sharing of intelligence information between Persia and China

a) The establishment of a formal alliance between the Mongol Empire and the Holy Roman Empire

c) The merging of the Silk Roads with the trans-Saharan slave trade

b) The diplomatic dialogues between Christian and Muslim rulers that finally brought an end to the Crusades


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