Chapter 1 of Pos Thesis

Topics: Null hypothesis, Fast food restaurant, Fast food Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: January 17, 2013
This chapter presents the background of the study and statement of the problem, the proponent’s objectives conducting the project study, scope, delimitation of the study and significance of finding the study, and the variables of different technical terms used in project study. INTRODUCTION

In the Philippines, there are many restaurant establishments that are serving a prepared food at a low price that can be afforded by the community. This kind of establishment is a kind of the small fast food industry but not too much big investment. Fast food industry is one of the multibillion dollar investments recently; the growing busy lifestyle of everyday people generated the growth of these food chains. Many people today have no time to prepare their own food by cooking into their own home. They need to buy food from the restaurant or any fast food chain that serving food that ready to eat. It’s not merely enough that food be serving quickly but, it could also taken home whenever who wants to. Fast food chains incorporated has a process of serving food; it could be take away, dine-in or take home orders. The food served wrapped in cartoons or bags for those who want to take home their orders. Some of the fast food chain especially in the Philippines is known as one of the big investment in the country. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Venus eatery and refreshment is located at Barangay Fatima, Labus, General Santos City. The establishment is a typical fast food that serves short order services only. The customers are being able to dine-in or take-out their order. Venus eatery and refreshment is newly open fast food in the Barangay Fatima, Labus that serve of different noodles menu such as Pancit Guisado, Special Lumi and many more menus that be able to order. They had 500 numbers of costumers and above every day and some of those costumers is a passenger from General Santos city air port. The manager planning to renovate...
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