Chapter 1

Topics: Internet, Social network service, Twitter Pages: 6 (1722 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Effects of the Social Networking Sites to the Study
Habits of the 4th year High School Students of
Divine Light Academy

Peralta, Arvin Denz
Fenis, Lei Denise
Factoran, Jeriko Mari
Pesebre, Samantha Rae
Matias, Jean Petersean

Nowadays, technology is already taking over the world. They use technology in different ways. It is a big help especially in communicating. Social networking sites are products of technology and also one way of communicating with each other. Everyone is fond of using social networking sites. They consider it as a part of our daily lives. They love sharing pictures, expressing our feelings and thoughts, and blogging about new things. Almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and many more. They enjoy using them especially teenagers. They share almost everything they do and express their unsaid thoughts, ideas and emotions. But does their addiction in using these social networking sites still benefits them? They can say that social networking sites are good inventions in terms of connecting and socializing but teenagers who are fond of using these can’t seem to get enough. Some of them or MOST of them certainly use these every now and then. It is really ironic that they still have time to share in social networking sites that they have tons of home works and quizzes instead of just spending their time in studying and doing their school works. For the 4th year students, they really need to have a good time management because they need to imply the requirements they are obligated to do in order to graduate from high school. They need to be responsible in dividing our time in many things but how come that they can still find time to use these social networking sites? Do these social networking sites already affect their study habits? The researchers want to know if these social networking sites affect the study habits of the 4th year students and how can they maintain good study habits without being distracted. We also wanted to know if these social networking sites can help them in their way of studying. This study is conducted to know the good and bad effects of social networking sites to the students and to know how to improve and prevent it.

Background of the Problem
One of the obligations of the teenagers is to study. Their role is to become a hardworking student and a good child to their parents. As students, they are expected to give their best in their studies to have good grades. Their parents give every effort they can give to send their children in school with a high quality education. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways in improving the way of educating the students. Technology is one of those. Technology like internet can help to broaden the knowledge of a student and makes it easier for them to study but technology can also be a reason for the students to limit their knowledge in what they can get from here. Internet is the best and easiest contribution of technology in terms of communicating, researching and studying. All of these in just one click. Internet cannot only help the students in doing their home works and researches but also in communicating and socializing. There are a lot of websites used by the teenagers to socialize. These websites are called Social networking sites. In these sites, they can chat with their friends and share photos and thoughts with them. These sites are also used in advertising products that can be useful for the students. These sites are a good invention but they also have disadvantages to the people especially to the students. Good study habits are important in maintaining good grades in school but students tend to overuse these social networking sites which limit their time in studying. They were expected to spend more time in studying but because of these social networking sites they tend to be distracted. They spent...
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