Changmai Corporation

Topics: Culture, Human rights, Individual rights Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Changmai Corporation
1. What reasoning should McLeod apply to try and handle the dilemmas he is facing? Due to McLeod is a highly qualified engineer and had a wide experience gained in some of the most sophisticated pulp mills in the world, he believed that using Western standards is always only correct way. However, it seems not suitable in every country. The based ask from McLeod is to protect safety for employees, which is good, but by announced human right and ensured into contract don’t work in this area. People working in Asia are more respect strong sense of family not individual right. Based on this culture sense, McLeod could start on building relationship and imposing how important to execute safety process such as employees are property, if they get hurt, the construction will be delay. According to cultural difference, word by word in contract is not good way to enforce Asia contractors to follow. McLeod should be flexible about how to balance western standards and eastern standards.

2. How do you think Bailey’s CEO, Mr. Hartford, should respond to Bailey’s predicament?
Since American is obviously not allow bribe and corruption and Mr. Hartford has always been in the press about the decline of moral values in business, he might reply Bailey it is unaccepted for special budget. However, when you work in different country, it is possible to follow their standards. In this case, if Bailey wants to make sure it is not behind schedule and the mill can be finished as soon as possible, this special reliable service tax should be paid. This is a challenge for multinational corporations to keep their own standard value or adjust to host country’s standard value.

3. What is your reaction to the debate presented in the final paragraphs? I totally agree with the Frenchman, Thierry Dupont, said that “With 13 per cent unemployment in France, anyone who creates jobs is a hero.” Corruption is everywhere but present in different form and meaning. There...
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