Changing Face of Women in India

Topics: Waiver, Disclaimer, Sign Pages: 6 (312 words) Published: February 27, 2013
New Jersey Institute of Technology

A Public Research University


Please complete this section, then deliver or mail this form, with a self-addressed envelope to your recommender. Ask this person to return the form to you in the envelope with his/her signature across the seal. Do not open the envelope or break the seal. Submit the sealed envelope with your application.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name

Term for which you are applying

Social Security Number

❒ Fall ❒ Spring 20____

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Program/Major

Degree Sought

I understand that this recommendation will be used only for admission and financial support decisions and I hereby waive my right of access to this recommendation.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed


New Jersey Institute of Technology uses a self-managed application. Please affix your signature across the sealed flap of the envelope and return it to the applicant who will submit it with his/her application packet. If the applicant does not sign the above waiver, right of access to this recommendation is not waived. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Recommender

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Position/Title


_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone


_________________________________________________________________________________________________ How long have you known the applicant?

In what capacity

Please rate the applicant on the qualities below
Top 5%

Top 15%

Top 25%

Top 50%

Below 50%


Intellectual Ability

Analytical Ability

Oral Expression in English

Written Expression in English

Ability to Work Independently

Ability to Work Well With Others

Research Potential


1. Has the applicant acquired the necessary skills for successful study at the graduate level? 2. Is there any reason you would not recommend the applicant for admission?

❒ Yes

❒ Yes

❒ No

❒ No

3. Please use the space provided below or attach an additional letter to this form to make any additional comments you think important concerning the applicant
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. I...
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