Changing Attitude

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Changing Attitudes
People fear change because it pushes them into the unknown, and one of the greatest fears in the world is the fear of the unknown. While this is natural, there is a way to control your fear and turn it into the creativity needed to generate more sales. Because fear is such a strong emotion, it creates an enormous amount of energy in a person. The problem with this is that the energy tends to be negative and destructive. People who fear change see themselves as the victim. They feel unprepared and inadequate to conquer whatever may come before them. Most of all, they feel they have no control over the situation. These insecurities are internally damaging to one’s focus and motivation and externally destructive throughout the company.


As worklife becomes more complex and environmental changes force people and organizations to adapt more quickly--creating turbulence among our systems--more and more people seek to institute or embrace change. The following 10 strategies are a place to begin that personal and organizational change. 1. Release people from prior commitment.

Probably most overlooked is this strategy. Most often we forget that one of the reasons people don't change their attitude is that they have made a conscious or subconscious prior commitment. Uncovering those hidden agendas usually results in an opportunity to change one's attitude about previous commitments. Even stability can be a prior commitment and until I understand that this new change, method or system is going to produce stability--I am not willing to let go of what is stable. 2. Provide new information.

Often, people don't see or feel the need to change. Providing information to support change or the need to change can often open previously closed doors. Communicating change initiatives prior to implementation is often scary but almost always better than not doing it until the implementation begins. 3. Use fear positively....
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