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Strategies for Organizational Change
Dr. Kenyetta McCurty:
Change Leader Review:
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In the world of change whether on a personal or organizational level, it must be facilitated by a leader of some sort or type. In his book, “Change Leader: Learning What Matters Most”, Michael Fullan goes into depth about how important and significant to organizational change a leader’s role is if the change is going to be significant enough to change the organization’s culture permanently. In his book, Fullan theorizes that there exists seven core practices for today’s leaders that effect change on an organizational level. These core practices, he says, are essential for effectively leading the organization through a change in culture seamlessly and with the least amount of friction and disorganization. Those seven core principles are as follows: Practice Drives Theory, Be Resolute, Motivate the Masses, Collaborate to Compete, Learn Confidently, Know Your Impact and Sustain Simplexity. In the core principle for practice drives theory, Fullan states adamantly states that doing is the crucible of change. In other words, by actively taking part in the theorized change, the chances of the aforementioned change becoming a reality increases in chance greatly. Also in summarizing this theory, Fullan concludes that “The effective change leader actively participates as a learner in helping the organization improve.” To me this truly illustrates the notion that a good leader is capable of garnering more respect when they are not afraid to get in the trenches and show his or her constituents that not only are they willing to do the same work they expect their workers to do, but they are also willing to learn with those workers how to do the same job that they do. Be Resolute: act with purpose and empathy. With this second core practice for today’s leader theorizes that effective change leaders combine resolute moral...
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