Change Mangaement Issues in Large Organisation

Topics: Change management, Management, Leadership Pages: 4 (1511 words) Published: April 19, 2013

In the corporate world, all business-running-individuals should know that, in order to bulk up and fortify their businesses, the company or corporation must adapt to every perspective, every unusual environment and people with bizarre personalities or they are at a risk to fail or being overwhelmed by other competitors. Hence, a change is usually recommended to alter and fix the problems faced by an organization. Nevertheless, there are always issues that goes against the new change introduced. Unsuccessful changes might lead to a heightened chance to people not getting used to the change. Change management is a process whereby a structured transitioning of individuals or groups shifts their current condition to a desired future state. Change management can be defined by three components known as the adapting to change, handling changes and effectively putting forth to that change. Only with these components being dealt with, the organization should be successful. Change management issues are commonly faced by managers handling change are resistance to fresh ideas, distrust of new leadership and lack of motivation. Therefore, one must be prepared to accept the resistance and negative wants that are about to be introduced which stays put in the company. When dealing with change management issues, one should be flexible, act quickly, and consider the issue itself, the person and lastly figuring out the right way to counter the problem. Being a consulting firm, known as The Birchman Group, we are to investigate various issues, which in this section of the report, would be the change management issues in large organizations. This report is specifically arranged for the reference of the directors of Qantas Airways. We believe we could provide the utmost effective solution and improved services to assist in the management of Qantas Airways.

First and foremost, every person involved in a certain business, in order...
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