CEO Simon Brocklebank Fowler

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Logan McFarland
Mrs. Vos Strache
BA 366
28 November 2013

CEO – Simon Brocklebank Fowler

1. Simon Brocklebank Fowler is a great CEO and an even better leader. He can sell anything. Simon obviously has perfected many organizational behavior concepts as he has grown throughout his lifetime even though he did not elaborate on which ones specifically. Simon went to Cambridge, which is a top level secondary school in the UK. Simon ended up switching from a history major to finance and ended up working for a bank. Simon also ended up running for Parliament but was unsuccessful, although he did learn a lot through that experience. Along with working for a bank, Simon also has worked for a consultant agency and as a price performance salesman. He worked for a failing franchise and had to sell things straight on his credibility alone. Simon stated that he had to do a lot of research to help sell his pitch to his consumers. He ended up being promoted in 3 months because he worked so hard on his pitches and was blowing all of the veterans out of the water. He then ended up going to Citigate, which is a smaller firm, but he actually had people working for him which gave him leverage. Citigate went from 200 to 2,000 people in 4 years in different countries making this company a global company. By making Citigate a global company, their profits grew significantly in size and increased the brand recognition of Citigate. Simon is a great leader in many ways. When he walks into a room, you can feel his presence. Simon does not only look in the presence, but in the future as well. He told our class, “ask yourself ever year what does success look like in 1 year? How about in 10 years?” Simon knows that the world is always adapting and is telling us we have to adapt with it if we want to be successful. Simon is also always trying to get better. He told us, “Is what your doing right now making your boat go faster?” This means that whatever your focus is on today, is it going to help

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