Central Bank of India

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Organizing In Central Bank Of India

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1023 Gunjan Oza
10xx Anand Rathod
10xx Vijay Prasad
1040 Pradip Shankhala
1046 Sahil Shah
1053 Nehali Thakkar
1060 Jinal Shah

Submitted To: - Prof. Poonam Nair
Subject: - Principle Of Management


As the title, Organizing: “Organizing in Central Bank of India”, indicates, the report takes an internal and external view of the organization of CBI. Through our research and meetings with expertise we have found out that for an organizational role to exist and be meaningful to people it must incorporate verifiable objectives, a clear idea of major duties or activities and an understood area of authority.

Through the study of organizational structure of Central Bank of India we realize that the purpose of an organization structure is to establish a formal system of roles and show how organization structures and their levels are due to the limitation of the span of management. Apart from the organization structure, organization’s characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages are also mentioned with the functions performed by each entity at each level of organization.

Lastly we would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Vikram Solanki (the branch manager, St. Xavier’s School Road Branch, Ahmedabad) for providing us the complete details about the Organization starting from the scale 1 to scale 7 and his valuable time from his busy schedule. We also thank our faculty member Prof. Poonam Nair for providing us this opportunity to have practical fronts instead of bookish knowledge that will surely enhance our presentation skills and our knowledge about the organization and working at different levels in corporate world.

Sr. No.| Topics| Page No.|
1| Introduction| | |
| Central Bank Of IndiaCorporate Mission And Vision| | | |
2| Organization Chart| | |
| CorporateZonal/RegionalBranch| | |
3| Organizational Levels| | |
| Corporate LevelZonal/Regional LevelBranch Level| | |
4| Characteristics| | |
| AdvantageDisadvantage| | |
5| Conclusion And Project Timeline| | |

Central Bank Of India: - Since 1911
Established in 1911, Central Bank of India was the first Indian commercial bank which was wholly owned and managed by Indians. The establishment of the Bank was the ultimate realisation of the dream of Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala, founder of the Bank. Sir Pherozesha Mehta was the first Chairman of a truly 'Swadeshi Bank'. In fact, such was the extent of pride felt by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala that he proclaimed Central Bank of India as the 'property of the nation and the country's asset'. He also added that 'Central Bank of India lives on people's faith and regards itself as the people's own bank'. During the past 99 years of history the Bank has weathered many storms and faced many challenges. The Bank could successfully transform every threat into business opportunity and excelled over its peers in the Banking industry.

A number of innovative and unique banking activities have been launched by Central Bank of India and a brief mention of some of its pioneering services are as under:

* 1921:- Introduction to the Home Savings Safe Deposit Scheme build saving/thrift habits in all sections of the society. * 1924:- An Exclusive Ladies department to cater to the Bank’s women clientele. * 1926:- Safe deposit Locker facility and rupee Travellers Cheques. * 1929:- Setting up of the Executor and Trustee Department. * 1932:- Deposit Insurance Benefit Scheme.

* 1962:- Recurring deposit Scheme.

Subsequently, even after the nationalisation of the Bank in the year1969, Central Bank continued to introduce a number of innovative banking services as under:

* 1976:- The Merchant Banking Cell was established.
* 1980:- Central card,...
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