Organisation Study of Rado Tyres Kothamangalam

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An organization is a planned co-ordination of a group of people and their joint efforts for the achievement of the specific goals of the organization.
An organization study involves the study of the structure and the functioning of its various departments. Organizing or organization is one of the important functions of Management. Organizations may vary, but they have certain common features. All are collection of people linked together by formal and informal relationships. It is the correlation of hierarchical orders with identical boundaries. So the organization study is important for future managers.

Structure of an organization is very important for its functioning and growth. It provides the basic frame work for its progress and expansion. For future managers it is imperative to study the organizational structure and functioning of successful organizations so that the future managers may guide organizations towards success and profitable functioning.

This report is based on an organization study. The main objective of the study is to analyze various activities carried out in each department in an organization. The study has been conducted in RADO TYRES LTD situated atKothamangalam, in Ernakulam. Production of tyres depends up on the production of vehicles. In India usage of vehicles is increasing day by day. So tyre manufacturers have important role in Indian economy. 1.1 SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The study was conducted in Radotyres, a tyre production company. They make tyre for CEAT TYRES. * This study helped me to interact with various department of the organization. * The study helped me to observe in closer range the management. * With this study I was able to get an exposure on the practical world of management.


This study helps to find out the various levels of management departments and their functions. It helps to study about the organizational structure. The study helps to analyze the company policies and implication in the organizations. It helps to analyze the various departments and its functions and how it helps for the smooth running of the organization by achieving the key goals

The main objective of the study is to understand the functioning of an organization. That is, to understand the functioning of each department and the interdependence of these departments. * To familiarize with a business organization.

* To study the functioning of different departments in an organization. * To know the influence of various internal and external factors in the functioning of an organization. * To study the performance of a company.

* To know the scope of the tyre industry.
Rado Tyres is a large company; it has more than eight departments. All the departments work in a systematic and well organized manner. The company produces tyres for CEAT. CEAT is a well reputed tyre manufacturer in the country. All these factors led me to choose RadoTyres for my organization study.

The first part of the study was to meet the officials of the company. An interaction was made with the manager who provided the necessary approval required for the study and the guidelines that need to be met. Following which was the interaction with heads of finance and human resources department. A plant visit was conducted to observe the production process in detail. A visit to the quality departments revealed the steps taken to ensure quality standards. A trip to the security department revealed the arrangements made the organization toward security and safety. Finally a meeting with the operations department head was conducted who helped to conclude the data. OBSERVATION

Data collected through observation is primary data. Data were collected by moving around the organization and observing activities of each and every...

Bibliography: BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31st MARCH , 2010 |
SCHEDULE | As at 31.3.2010 | As at 31.3.2009 |
Profit and Loss Account for the year ended 31st March , 2010. |
SCHEDULE | 2009-10 Rs. | 2008-09 Rs. |
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