Difference Between Mechanistic Organization Structures and Organic Organization Structure.

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Table of Context

1. Introduction
2. Main Body
2.1Difference between mechanistic organization structures And organic organization structure.
2.2When might a mechanistic organisation structure be
Preferable to an organic organization structure?

3. Conclusion
4. References List

1. Introduction
 The organizational structure is very important for a company. Different organizations will adopt different organisation structures to help achieve their goals. The type of structure they adopt will be determined by range of factors, including the country and industry environment, the organization’s history and size and technology. Choose a good organizational structure can help company fit stabilize or destabilize the environment.

2. Main Body

2.1 Differences between a mechanistic organization and an organic organization structure. Mechanistic organization.
 Hierarchical, bureaucratic, organizational-structure characterized by (1) centralization of authority, (2) formalization of procedures and practices, and (3) specialization of functions. Mechanistic organization are comparatively simpler and easy to organize, but find it difficult to cope with rapid change. Compare with organic organization * The task is divided into separate specialized part;

* Terms of reference restrict strictly
* Hierarchical and have a lot of Procedures and rules;
* The work of knowledge and the task of monitoring are centralized at the top of the organization * Emphasize Vertical communication between superior and subordinate. * Coordination and control tend to use strict hierarchical organization structure. (functional structures)

Organic organization

Organizational structure characterized by (1) Flatness: communications and interactions are horizontal, (2) Low specialization: knowledge resides wherever it is most useful, and (3) Decentralization: great deal of formal and informal participation in decision making. Organic organizations are comparatively more complex and harder to form, but are highly adaptable, flexible, | Mechanistic Organization Form and Management system| Organic Organization Form and Management system| Appropriate Conditions| Stable| Changing|

Distribution of tasks| Specialized differentiation of functional tasks into which the problems and tasks facing a concern as a whole are broken down| Contributive nature of special knowledge and experience to the common task of the concern.| Nature of Individual task| The abstract nature of each individual task, which is pursued with techniques and purposes more or less distinct from those of the concern as a whole: i.e., the functionaries tend to pursue the technical improvements of means, rather than the accomplishment of the ends of the concern.| The "realistic" nature of the individual task, which is seen as set by the total situation of the concern.| Who defines tasks or refines tasks| The reconciliation, for each level in the hierarchy, of these distinct performances by the immediate superiors, who are also, in turn, responsible for seeing that each is relevant in his own special part of the main task.| The adjustment and continual redefinition of individual tasks through interaction with others.| Task scope| The precise definition of rights and obligations and technical methods attached to each functional role.| The shedding of "responsibility" as a limited field of rights, obligations and methods (problems may not be posted upwards, downwards or sideways as being someone else's responsibility).| How is task conformance ensured| The translation of rights and obligations and methods into the responsibilities of a functional position.| The spread of commitment to the concern beyond any technical definition.| Structure of control, authority and communication| Hierarchic, Contractual.| Network, Presumed Community of Interest.| Locating of knowledge|...
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