Centennial Cafeteria

Topics: Coffee, Caffeine, Left-handedness Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Mohammad Hasan
EAPP 202/001
Marg Fortin
February 25, 2013

The Centennial College Cafeteria
There is a wonderful cafeteria in the Centennial College at Ashtonbee campus. It has two entrances. The first entrance is on your right-hand side between the security office and the IT help desk when you head from the enrolment office towards the library. The second entrance is attached with the large three level sitting areas, which are consists of about 200 chairs and 40 tables for the students and the staffs. The cafeteria is so clean that will make you feel like home. The staffs are very welcoming, like you are their guest. There are two tables behind the second cashier where they put different types of ketchups and coffee sugar packets. In between two entrances there are three different vending machines: one for the different soft drinks, one for the chocolate bars and crisp, and last one for the bottle juices. Inside the cafeteria, there are different food sections. If you take the first entrance, it will lead you to the “Time Zone”, which is on your left hand side. All the delicious burgers are serving there. The strong flavour will make you starving. They also serve crunchy French fries. The main kitchen area is just behind the ‘Time Zone’. Inside the kitchen, all the appliances are in their right place. The sound of the big kitchen fan will give you the feelings of travelling in a big cruise ship. Opposite of the ‘Time Zone’ there is a coffee machine. The smell of the coffee beans will tell you “Wake up N have it”. Next to the coffee machine there is a cold coke dispenser, which will make you thirsty. Once you pass the coke dispenser, sandwich zone starts where they make all the healthy fresh sandwiches for their guest. Next to the sandwich zone, you can find the first pay point. After few feet far from the first pay point, you will discover the second pay point. Another food display centre is there. In front of the first pay point “Pizza...
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